Song & MV Reaction: Jun (Seventeen) – 寂寞号登机口 (Silent Boarding Gate)

I know, I’m awfully late, and I don’t deserve to congratulate myself for Jun’s 1M views on YouTube, but unfortunately, life does sometimes get in the way of things. I guess it’s also on me for not wanting to watch it when I can’t make a reaction post, so there’s that, but the important thing is, here I am.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Jun is the first member of Seventeen to release an album, and he did so last February 14. The funny thing was, I think by the time my post on his pre-release single went live, the album was also already live, although I was blissfully aware because I think I was asleep. I just remember going online before the intended release time and discovering that the song was already on Spotify. In any case, I ignored it until this moment, when I can finally watch the MV and listen to the song without too many distractions. Amazingly enough, I haven’t seen or read too many spoilers, so I’m going to be watching and listening to this one with barely any idea of what it’s about.

And so, without further ado, on to the MV!

I can’t really do my usual bullet list of thoughts as I watch the music video because I only have one screen and I wanted to watch the MV in its full screen glory, but I have to say the major thing going through my mind from the start was that Jun has still really got it, he’s such a great actor. He’s so good at those micro expressions, tiny detailed expressions of emotions on his face, his demeanor, that it just hits me in the feels, if you know what I mean. His chemistry with his partner was also so cute which made it pretty heartbreaking at the same time. I don’t think I was able to focus much on the song because I was so pulled in by his acting, it was just a lot okay hahaha! Suffice it to say, though, that the song and the music video was enough to make me teary-eyed even though I had no idea what the lyrics were saying.

I actually think I need to rewatch the video so I’ll do that and give some more thoughts.

Oh, I also remembered thinking that Jun just really looks beautiful, those shots of his side profile with the pretty background was just…chef’s kiss. Anyway back to my 2nd viewing of the video….

Ok, so I’m back even if you don’t really notice anything, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not just the MV, it’s really also the song. It just makes me tear up, I swear there’s something about how Jun sings and the music that just conveys…I don’t know, heartbreak? And then when Jun looks at the camera in that last shot right as the song ends, I always just pout at him, like why? Where did it all go wrong? (Note that this could be way off based on the actual lyrics that I am just about to look up, but that’s how it felt.)

Sorry if it seems too exaggerated, but no, not really, this is just how the song and video makes me feel.

[So I watched a lyrics video to see the translation of the lyrics…]

Why do I do this to myself, honestly. After seeing the lyrics, the tears fell. I saw a comment on the lyrics video about how this was mainly about Jun’s decision to leave his acting career in China, something about that, and while I am not sure if that really is what the song was about, I could see it there. The song, while not completely relatable, was also relatable enough to how I feel right now, with how things are going in my life, that whew, it just hits real deep in my heart. I am a bit exhausted emotionally (I basically listened to the song thrice in a row, okay), but I can say that it’s a beautiful song. With Jun singing it in his own language, allowing him to express the song in his full capability, it’s something I feel thankful to have been able to listen to.

Have you checked out this latest song from Seventeen’s Jun? What did you think of it? Do you think my reactions sound exaggerated? Hahaha no hate please, but if it does, do let me know because that would be interesting to note. In any case, I hope you do give Jun’s song a listen. See you in my next post!

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