Product Notes: The Saem Eco Earth Power Tone Up Sun Cream SPF 50+PA++++

These are my notes on products I use. These are basically reviews but I stop short of calling them such because I am not a professional reviewer and so these are simply my personal notes on these products.

I think it is time. If you have been able to read my Half-Year Project Pan 2020 posts, you will know that one of the items I had in the project since the beginning was this sunscreen, The Saem Eco Earth Power Tone Up Sun Cream SPF 50+PA++++. This has been in my collection for quite a while now, and I actually thought about giving this a review a year or so ago. I’m glad that I didn’t end up doing it then for one reason or another, maybe just by sheer laziness, because I do think I have better thoughts on the product now. And why would I not have more notes and thoughts on this product, when I’m so close to finishing it? Hence, this is really the perfect time to talk about this, before I finish the product up first and forget it all.

Fun fact, that’s Seventeen’s Jun on the packaging!

Full disclosure, I totally bought this sunscreen because it has Seventeen on it. I am not even going to pretend that this was a well-researched purchase. I did check it out somewhat, but at the time I was running out of my sunscreen and this was a Seventeen “merch” that fits that need, so it didn’t feel like a reckless purchase while at the same time satisfying my wish to buy something Seventeen.

Having said all of that (*eyeroll at me justifying myself lol*), I didn’t really have the highest expectations for this sunscreen, but I was also hoping not to be disappointed either. I am (even now, I still am) on the hunt for my go-to sunscreen, so it really was a chance for me to check out another formula, and from a brand I haven’t really explored all that much. However, at first, I was quite disappointed in this sunscreen. This was quite a while ago, and what I remember from that time was that it seemed to have a white cast, kind of clung to dry spots on my face, or would kind of pill or ball up on my face. Not a nice look, not a nice look at all. I was so disappointed that I almost wrote a blog post on the product and that post would have been quite unhappy.

Over time, my feelings have changed somewhat, in a way that while I wouldn’t say this is my favorite sunscreen, I certainly do not have as negative an outlook on this product as I did before. I actually am quite enjoying it right now, in its final days before I finally finish it or declutter it. One reason why my feelings changed is some understanding of the product. I learned that the term “tone up sun cream” means something, and that being such means that the product is supposed to brighten the complexion. This sort of gave me some peace with the white cast that it seems to give me. I also have upped my skincare routine over the time I have this sunscreen, and that also helped improve the way the product applied to my skin. It didn’t cling as much or pill / ball up on my face. I was also more careful with how I applied it, and that helped.

As the name suggests, it has the consistency of a cream.

Another way that made me like the product more is finding a way it fit into and improved my routine. For a time I used it with a primer to help powders apply more smoothly on my skin after using the sunscreen, and then at some point I just skipped the primer and still used powder or powder foundation to “set” my sunscreen and tone down any white cast that I may seem to have from the product.

In the end, therefore, I’d say it is a bit of a finicky product, but nothing too bad. I won’t repurchase it (unless Seventeen draws me in again), but if it’s something you’re interested to try, I also won’t turn you away from it.

Alas, the hunt for my staple sunscreen continues. (Especially since my previous favorite, the Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA++++ is unfortunately no longer fungal acne safe, last I checked.)

Have you tried this sunscreen? What are your thoughts? Do you have any staple or favorite sunscreen products / brands? Do let me know! You may just be the key to the success of my search. Thanks for reading, and see you in my next post!

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