Reading Refresher: November 2020

Hello there! Here is where I take another pause, reassess where I’m at with my reading, and make adjustments if needed. You can use this as a pause and breathing point, too, because reading does not have to be stressful. Let’s begin!

Between Then and Now

This was a very interesting update period because I did have a reading boost at one point, but, and this usually happens to me, it’s not the book in my currently reading shelf. A friend lent me a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun some time ago, and for the most part I wasn’t really touching it. However, and this may or not be something that also happens to you, I started to read it for no particular reason, just to check it out, and then just a few days later I was done with the book. I couldn’t put it down! Say what you want about Stephenie Meyer’s writing or the Twilight series, but she really gets my attention. Perhaps it’s because I’m already familiar with the Twilight series and was eager to see the same events in a different point of view, but still, it’s fun to go back to that kind of enjoyable reading mode I used to do when I was younger, that “in the zone” feeling where I breeze through a book.

‘Currently Reading’ Checkpoint

So, that book was really done in no time that I didn’t even have the chance to include it in my Currently Reading Shelf. But does this mean that I have neglected my Currently Reading Shelf?

Thankfully, that is not the case. I am glad to report that I have been reading the book on my Currently Reading shelf. My shelf looks like this currently, as we changed things up in my last post:

I updated my progress, so this is where I am on this book as of writing this post.

It hasn’t been the same pace as the other book I finished, though. I’ve been going through this one slower, but that’s ok with me. There is a slight panicky voice at the back of my mind reminding me that we’re almost at the end of 2020 and I still am halfway to my goal of 11 books read this year, but I will not listen to it too much. It’s noted, though.

I also have started on another book, which has been at my bedside so I can easily reach it when I get in the mood for it, for what seems like too long. If I reached this update without having started on the book, I would have returned it to my shelf because that would have meant that it’s just not happening anytime soon, so it’s time to give the book a break from hanging out on my bed. And this is precisely what I intend this series to be, a sort of point for me to say ok, let’s move on for now, or ok, I’m continuing with this. On to the book: it is Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s a good one for me to read as a break while still feeling like I’m being productive, as opposed to reading Harry Potter which is a total break and escape. It’s one where I feel like I have to take notes, though, so that might get in the way of finishing it quickly.

Thus, I need to update my Currently Reading Shelf, and after doing that it now look like this:

I can’t remember which page I’m at on my Covey book, so I’ll update it next time. In any case, here we are currently.

‘No Buy’ Update

I thought we were doing so well. Well, not really. It’s more that I thought I was doing so well. My husband has been buying books because he needs it for his teaching job, and work is an exception from our no buy, so I was like, okay, that looks like you’re just finding excuses to buy books but okay–but I turned out to be even worse. I don’t have any work-related justification for my purchases, and in this latest book shopping my husband also has non-justified purchases. But I guess we did so well for most of the year, and this is such a weird year anyway, that I won’t hold it too much against ourselves. We also set a limit for ourselves, and for it to make sense, I need to let you know what broke this no buy. November 24-30 is the 2020 Manila International Book Fair, although because of the pandemic, it is held online. I thought I’d be able to avoid temptation, but apparently that is not the case. As I said, however, we did set a limit for ourselves, so we didn’t go on an all-out shopping spree without any care or consideration. Now, we just have to make sure we keep reading. And so far, while it may be slow, I am still reading. I also love the additions we are making to our collection, and I hope that will encourage my reading even more.

And that’s how my reading is going nowadays! How have you been? Were you able to finish some books, have progress in reading, or did the pandemic send you into a slump? Do let me know, and see you in next month’s Reading Refresher! Happy reading!

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