Half-Year Project Pan 2020: Update #3 – #4

It’s that time of the month again where I check in with the progress on my Half-Year Project Pan. Here are the previous posts, if you want to see where I have been prior to this update:

Status as of last update: 3/6 Goals Reached

To recap, I was able to reach my usage goal on my Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds by the first update, and was able to reach my usage goals on my Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm and my KJMCosmetics Lip. Cheek. Tint in Dolled.

I did say I want to update monthly, but I still fell into not being able to update during the month of October. At least I didn’t completely stop working on the products, although I’ll be honest, I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I think that posting this update will boost my morale and get me back into using my products.

Current Update

1. The Saem Eco Earth Power Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+PA++++

Goal: Use it up

I think we are (or I am?) getting there. I need to really push down on the base of the tube in order to push the product out, although I will not be deceived and think that I am now right at the end. Sometimes products can last for a long time at the “almost empty” phase, where I think it’s the last squeeze of product and there will be no more but then I squeeze again the next time I use it and there is still more! That happened to me with a facial cleanser, and even with a moisturizer that I think I even noted in a previous post.

I think it’s still possible for me to reach my goal on this before the year ends. Honestly, by the end of this year I would have to stop using this anyway because it is expiring this year, so I will really do my best to finish it off within this project.

2. Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in shade 01

Goal: Use it up

Oh dear, I did an oopsie with this product. You might notice that quite a bit of product was gone from the pan. As much as I would like to claim that it was because I used that much up, unfortunately that is not the case. As I mentioned in my sunscreen update above, I’m possibly near the finish line with my sunscreen. I have another sunscreen given to me by a friend, so I decided to open it and try it out, while I still have my current sunscreen, in order to have a point of reference in forming my thoughts about the product. Well, that’s all good and fine, but given that it was a new product, and a different formula at that (it’s a stick sunscreen), there is definitely a bit of a learning curve or adjustment period, which is also why I want to use it while I have something else to use, in case it doesn’t go well.

So what was the problem? The stick sunscreen was a bit stickier in texture compared to the cream sunscreen I have been using for years, and I did feel that, and I did think that maybe I should wait a bit before applying powder as I usually do, but I think force of habit took over and I went ahead to powder my face anyway. It’s no surprise, then, that when I dipped back my brush into the compact to powder other parts of my face and neck, hard pan developed almost instantly. Some of the sunscreen probably interacted with the powder as it hadn’t really dried down much yet. Oh, dear, what an oopsie. It’s a con of this powder that it tends to have hard pan quickly, but this was totally on me, because I did think about it in that split second. In removing the hard pan, some of the product that had really thinned out in the center of the pan lifted in tiny chunks, which is how we ended up with this amount of “progress”.

That was quite a ramble, but I feel like I owe you the explanation. I still did use the product, so there really is “legit” progress, I just accidentally extended that progress, if you will. Moving forward, I really don’t think I can finish this powder this year, but I am thinking I’ll give this powder another year, and maybe declutter it by the end of next year, if not before that.

3. Blistex Bliss Flip in Ultra Moisturizing

Goal: Use it up

I think I had really good progress on this, although I am not sure how well it is captured on the pictures. But if it’s not visually obvious, currently it basically looks like someone squashed lip balm on the container, that’s how thin the layer of product is left on it. I may have been using it more than once daily, and when I am too lazy to do my skincare at night, I just grab it to moisturize my lips before sleeping because my kikay kit is right at my bedside. In these recent weeks my lips have been drier and more easily chapped, so I really needed to apply lip balm more frequently. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this by the end of 2020, but this definitely won’t take too long, assuming I don’t stop using it regularly.

4. Bio Marine by SeaofSpa Labs Delicage Peeling Mask

Goal: Use twice
Status: Used once

Yeah, there’s nothing much to see here. It’s really not a normal part of my routine, and even my routine has been ever changing and quite off recently, so there’s that. Hopefully I’ll try to give myself a mask day before the year ends.

5. NUXE Rêve de Miel Honey Lip Balm Ultra Nourishing and Repairing 

Goal: Use it up

Not gonna lie, if I didn’t stop my evening skincare routine for a while in the time between last update and this update, I probably would have finished this already. As I’ve mentioned, I have been skipping my evening skincare routine at times, probably because I am running low on some of my products. It appears that it’s true what they say, there’s a tendency for products to run out all at once. Everything looked fine, my toner was about to run out but it’s still holding on, and suddenly my micellar water and even my shampoo caught up! It was quite a sight to watch unfold. In any case, as long as I remember to do my evening skincare routine, this will most likely be done by the next update.

6. KJMCosmetics Lip. Cheek. Tint in Fused

Goal: Use 4 times
Status: Used 3/4 times

I think between the shades Dolled and Fused, I really am more inclined to use Fused more, even though Fused leans a bit purple and Dolled is more pink. This has always been the case, I think. While it’s not my favorite, this one does have more of a place in my collection, as it’s something I feel like using when my lippie is more of a cooler tone. Hopefully I remember to use it before the next update so I can roll it out and get nearer to my goal.

Project Progress

Status as of this update: 3/6 goals reached

Even though I haven’t reached any goals this update, I’m still satisfied with my progress, because there has been progress. I’m in a position to reach more than one goal by next update, and I hope posting this will give me the necessary morale boost to get there.

And that’s it for now! How have you been? Do you have any project pans, and if yes, how are they going? Do let me know, and see you in my next update!

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