Song & MV Reaction: Seventeen – Home;Run

It’s that time again, and despite my slight fandom fatigue, I’m still pretty much on time with the release of Seventeen’s latest comeback track, Home;Run. This is from their latest special album, entitled “Semicolon”, and I’m watching the music video (MV) maybe a little less than 20 minutes from when it was released on October 19, 2020. You’re probably gonna see this at least a day after that, however, as I have a vague upload schedule I try to stick to and I don’t know how long I’ll need to write and edit this post.

Anyway, I bring to you once again my potentially incoherent thoughts upon watching the MV, in bullet list format (I may watch the MV first in full, but it depends on how affected I’ll get by certain scenes and members ahaha):

  • Ok, so I watched the MV first in full, and without checking if there are any English subs available.
  • I think Mingyu has a lot of parts, and some of it I think is more in the singing area? I think that is pretty awesome.
  • The8 also gets to utilize his vocals more; I think he was reaching for higher notes than his usual in one of his parts, and I am all for it.
  • They all look so good, but that is honestly a given. Still, the styling is A+, kudos to their stylists!
  • It’s just a little amusing that the green screen-CGI in the last part (if it is indeed that), seems to be quite obvious. Is it just me?
  • I think S.Coups also has some parts that are more in the singing area, and I love singing Coups, so that’s good for me.
  • I also like Dino’s part after the first chorus!
  • The8’s choreo right at the very end was also pretty cool, but that’s The8 so I am not surprised.

I watched again with subtitles on (glad there are subtitles), and here we go:

  • I have to say all the baseball references are lost on me hahaha.
  • However, I still love what the song is saying. I can’t wait to do a First Listen, to be honest.

I don’t know if it’s helpful to them if I embed the music video here, so I’ll just give you the link to the music video. I’m not sure if I can support Seventeen in this comeback through streaming on Genie, which is basically the only Korean site I can support them on, so I’ll probably listen to the album on Spotify. Maybe I’ll pour my energy there for this comeback. Anyway, what did you think of the video and the song? Please check out Seventeen’s music video here, and their album as well! And as they say, it’s okay to take a break. Work hard, play hard, rest hard. Actually, I suggest you check out the description box in their music video, it explains better and gives you a better idea of their message, which I think is really nice especially during recent times. I’ve rambled too much, so see you in my next Song & MV Reaction! (And hopefully I’ll get to post a First Listen as well on this album!)

Image Source: Seventeen’s Official Twitter

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P.S. I notice that I don’t have as much thoughts posted here, these really are the very first thoughts I had and I didn’t add much more. Looking at this, I think I react better at 4 in the morning hahaha! But hopefully I can articulate more thoughts in my First Listen, because I am really liking this release, even if it may not be so apparent.

3 thoughts on “Song & MV Reaction: Seventeen – Home;Run

  1. I can’t wait for your First Listen. 🙂 I really loved this music video, it just for some reason had me smiling like a fool the entire time. And I totally agree with your comment on their styling, the outfits were just amazing.

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    1. I’ve already listened to the album (I really couldn’t wait), so it’s just a matter of editing etc. to make it a blog post, and hopefully I can post it this week ahaha! I also liked the video itself visually, I just forgot to point it out, and I agree with you, it really made me smile and want to replay the video several times in a row.

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