Slight Fandom Fatigue….However;

If you’ve been following this blog, or even just taken a cursory look at the list of posts I have here, you’d know that I’m a fan of the Kpop group Seventeen. Yup, I am a Carat, as what their fans are called. I’ve always been excited for any and all Seventeen content, whether it be new music, variety content, miscellaneous interviews, gaming streams and even random Vlive broadcasts. Lately, however, I have been feeling quite detached from the “fandom”, so to speak. I had no care in keeping up with the updates, and checking on my ~Kpop twitter account~ almost always makes me want to close the app immediately. (I haven’t really been enthused about “stan twitter” for a while now, so that’s not as concerning or surprising.) I’ve missed a number of episodes of their now famous online variety show, Going Seventeen, as well. It’s amusing, in a strange way, that I am not following this show consistently at a time when it’s at its most famous, even with non-fans.

And now, they have an upcoming comeback in days, and I feel…surprisingly little. Mostly detached.

I am at the point where this lack of interest is actually bothering me. I don’t think I’m growing apart from the group, and this is actually why I feel bothered. I still like Seventeen, but I feel like this detachment is an expansion of my general detachment to…life, the world, pretty much everything else, these days. And that’s why the present situation is a bit of a concern to me. If this creeping feeling of whatever is encroaching on one of the things that actually inspire and make me happy, then isn’t it slightly dangerous to let it go on?

So to see if I can help myself out of this funk, and maybe to check the off chance that I am, perhaps, really just moving away from my favorite artist at the moment, I shall listen to the highlight medley of their upcoming special album, Semicolon. See, any other time I would have been excited for this special album, and actually I am quite liking (in a weird, detached way), what little I saw about it. There are special units, which are by age lines (meaning those who were born in the same year are put in one unit, with the exception of the youngest, which was put with the next youngest line), which is something really interesting to me. This also bothered me, the way I was able to appreciate these things as if from a distance and without really feeling anything. Anyway, I guess that means it’s time to listen to the highlight medley. If you want to listen as well, here it is:

Post-listen thoughts

Ah, I at least can say for sure that my heart is still with Seventeen, as I am typing this with a slight smile on my face. I think, perhaps, I will be okay. I still feel a bit subdued, and to be honest, that’s how the highlight medley sounds to me, but perhaps it’s just everything that’s getting to me, and that happens: I just have to let it be, and try to be better and work through it. I am glad to at least establish that I’m still a solid Carat (lol) even though I probably am not that in the mood to participate as much in fandom stuff this time around, except for listening to the new album as much as I can when it drops.

But what do I think about the tracks teased on the highlight medley? I do have a few thoughts. One is that, listening to the 98′ liners’ track (this is how I will refer to their unit tracks, sorry not sorry I will be better when the actual album comes out!), I really hope they won’t use autotune on Vernon’s vocals too much. I know, given that Vernon has now a substantial participation in their production, that if they do it, it will most likely be by his direction, but to be honest I have a selfish desire to hear more of his clearer vocals without any edits, if that makes sense. I do think that, when in his proper range, Vernon has good vocals (all his “funny vocals” were just him trying to reach a note way out of his range for comedic effect), and I am unashamed to admit that I want to hear more of it. So please, Vernon? Here’s to hoping.

I will also say that my favorite line is the 96′ line: they’re such an eclectic bunch! And it’s also very rare to have them all in one frame, if you know what I mean, you know. Maybe it’s because there are four of them, while all the other lines have three? In any case, I am very interested in what getting them all in one song will sound like. Hey, look at that, is that me getting excited? Maybe??

Oh hey, here’s the tracklist! Source: Seventeen’s Official Twitter

I think I’m feeling somewhat better. Hopefully, when the new album is released, I’ll be sure I am.

What do you think of the highlight medley? And how are you feeling? Have you ever experienced the same kind of detachment? Or have you have ever felt somewhat tired of being a fan (especially in kpop)? Do let me know, and I’ll see you in my next post!

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P.S. Also yes that semicolon in my post title wasn’t an error that was supposed to be a reference, coz, Semicolon is the new album? Get it?

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