Monthly Playlist Race: August – September 2019

With 30 slots available, any song I like enough will be put in a playlist for the month. It may be a fleeting jam or something I really fell in love with, but it’s fun to see which songs end up on the list!

If you have been following this series, you will notice that this has…basically disappeared into the ether. Things got so bad at around August last year, or maybe after that, and then they got so hectic at around January this year, that I wasn’t really able to pay attention to music. There were also times when I was listening more to those “Binaural Beats” playlists, that focus more on sound frequencies instead of songs, because they help me focus and just feel a little more grounded, that at times I really had nothing to put in my playlists, song-wise. I discovered some changes in my Spotify that I think will be better for what I want to achieve with this series, but first, let me at least post the final MPRs that I were able to do, starting with my August and September 2019 MPRs. As a note, I also revisited some (but not necessarily all) of the songs to get a feel of why I may have like the songs then, since it has been pretty much a year already.

August 2019

1. Looped Up tobi lou feat. Vernon of Seventeen

The album where this track was included was pretty dope overall, but of course this track was a nice one, especially with Vernon. It is quite fun to see Seventeen members doing music or other projects outside their Seventeen material, as you can definitely see other sides to them and their music.

2. 누난 너무 예뻐 Replay (SHINee World 4 Version / Live) SHINee

After listening to SHINee concert versions of their songs, I seriously want Seventeen to do something like those because concert/live versions do hit different, especially for groups/artists like SHINee and Seventeen who do amazing ad libs and interaction with their audience during performances. It’s one reason I want to buy concert DVDs, but sometimes I just want to listen to the songs (in the concert/live version) with all the ad libs, and not have to play a video, especially when I’m doing something else while watching. The energy is just something else!

3. Hard to say I love you ~言い出せなくて~ WEAVER
4. Borders AMBER
5. Hit – Seventeen
6. Fancy – TWICE

This is probably one of my favorite Twice songs, although I haven’t really explored much of their discography. I do remember liking this song a lot.

7. Waggy – MAMAMOO
8. Flower – Seventeen
9. Eyeline – After School
10. Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester

I’ve liked this a long time ago, and it was fun to rediscover it. I like it mostly becaue of Leighton Meester, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how her singing voice sounds!

11. Good to Me – Seventeen
12. Emotion NU’EST
13. April Fools (0401) – Jamie
14. 17cg – tobi lou
15. You Were Beautiful (예뻤어) DAY6
16. Artemis Lindsey Stirling

I think this was released around this time, and it was nice to rediscover Lindsey Stirling, which I first discovered at the time I was so into Pentatonix (because they collaborated). She is such a dynamic musician, and so amazing to watch.

September 2019

I marveled when I saw that I had a lot of songs in this playlist, only to realize that I basically included all the tracks of Seventeen’s An Ode hahaha! I really loved that album, to be fair. But I do have a First Listen post where I talked about these tracks, so just check it out here if you’re curious about my thoughts on these songs, and I won’t delve too much on them here.

1. Koukou – tacica
2. Wi-Fi Yoon Jong Shin with ZICO

Was this because Seungkwan of Seventeen covered this song? Not gonna lie, most likely.

3. ずっとベイビー ANTENA
4. I Think I BYUL
5. Follow Your Heart Rickie-G
6. 心葬 – heidi.
7. Hit Seventeen

Basically, we are now starting with the whole track list of An Ode by Seventeen. I won’t talk about it much here, again check out the link I shared above if you’re curious about my thoughts on this album. I’m still gonna list out all the songs just because, and also if you don’t want to check out my earlier post, so you can at least have an idea of the track names.

8. Lie Again – Seventeen
9. Fear – Seventeen
10. Let me hear you say – Seventeen
11. 247 – Seventeen
12. Second Life – Seventeen
13. Network Love – Seventeen
14. Back It Up – Seventeen
15. Lucky – Seventeen
16. Snap Shoot – Seventeen
17. Happy Ending (Korean Version) – Seventeen

Ohoho, what are the chances that I’d end my Seventeen song streak at…seventeen? I didn’t plan this, I swear! It’s funny, though. I see what you did there, universe (or me?)

18. Adios – EVERGLOW

It’s also quite amusing that the last item on this playlist is entitled “Adios”. I guess this is also goodbye to this September 2019 playlist? But I do remember this song to be quite catchy for me, and so it made its way into this playlist.

Taking the lead from Everglow, it’s time to say adios, to this post, and maybe in the next post or the post after that, to this series. It depends on what I ultimately decide to do at the time I finish these catch up posts, but we shall see!

What were you listening to at this time last year? How about currently? See you in my next post!

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