Half-Year Project Pan 2020: Update #2

I don’t quite understand the passage of time nowadays, but somehow it is once again time to post an update on my project pan (in fact this is quite late already), which I introduced in this post. I think this was also a good (more than one) month, all things considered, so I’ll proceed to the actual updates.

Status as of last update: 1/6 goals reached

Last update, I was able to reach my usage goal on my  Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds.

Current Update

1. The Saem Eco Earth Power Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+PA++++

Goal: Use it up

I’m not sure if I used this as much as I did in my last update, but I did still use it and I think there is still good progress on this item. The most significant update for this product, is that I did notice that I do need to put just a tad more pressure on the tube so I can squeeze product out of it, unlike before where I just have to use slight pressure to get product out. This leads me to believe that I am getting closer to finishing this up, and that it may be possible to actually reach my goal for this within the year. So even though the progress is not as visible in the pictures, I am still pumped and can feel that there is progress here.

2. Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in shade 01

Goal: Use it up

I’ve been rotating my powders but still using this more than the others, so I do think I have quite the progress on it. I keep getting hard pan, though, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that as it might hinder any further progress on this. Again, I don’t think I’ll finish this up this year, but here’s to trying, because who knows?

3. Blistex Bliss Flip in Ultra Moisturizing

Goal: Use it up

I obviously still have to get the hang of getting my pictures to a similar size (although I think I was doing well and just kind of missed the mark this time), in order to really see the changes in the product as it gets used up. I do think it has flattened out quite a bit, and hopefully my continuous use will be enough to wear it out until it gets used up by the end of the year, or if not, shortly thereafter.

4. Bio Marine by SeaofSpa Labs Delicage Peeling Mask

Goal: Use twice
Status: Used once

I have only used this once, as mentioned above, and it feels like I really have to be in the mood and in the proper situation to be able to use this. I find that, now that I shower mostly at night, I have better chances of using it, but it’s really not just something that easily fits into my routine. I probably won’t purchase anything like this in the immediate future.

5.  Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

Goal: Use 4 times
Status: Goal successfully reached! Rolling out!

After lowkey feeling ashamed that I didn’t use it more by the first update, I had some sort of inspiration and just remembered to use this balm more. Unlike the peeling mask, this was easier to incorporate to my pre-shower routine. Since I have to pull out my skincare basket to use my micellar water in removing my makeup before I shower or wash my face, I had easy access to this balm which was also in the basket. My peeling mask wasn’t there, so I had to make extra effort to get it. I also didn’t want to use the mask and this balm too close to each other in fear of irritating my skin, so that’s probably why I didn’t reach my goal in the mask, because I was focused on this one. In sum, yay! Finally got to reach my goal on this one! Time to roll this out and pull in a new product, which I’ll do at the end of this post.

6. KJMCosmetics Lip. Cheek. Tint in Dolled

Goal: Use 4 times
Status: Goal successfully reached! Rolling out!

I finally was able to remember to note when I do use this product, and I think I got inspired to use this more after I posted my update. The challenge with this product was I had to be intentional in using this one because I have to remember to pause and apply this before I apply my powder. Applying this under powder helps to blend it better and make it less stark on my face so I really needed to do it that way. I am glad to have finally reached my goal on this, and work on a different product which I will show in a bit.

New Products

1. NUXE Rêve de Miel Honey Lip Balm Ultra Nourishing and Repairing 

Goal: Use it up

This is the lip balm I use in my nighttime skincare routine. This may look like a gimme product, but this really isn’t. I do think, however, that this is a pretty attainable goal. I want to put it in this project because I have a habit of opening a new product when my current one is about to get used up, which means that I opened another night lip balm because this does look like it’s on its last leg. I do this so I have a chance to compare the products, and figure out whether I like one more than the other, or if maybe I don’t like both or I do like both just the same. I also have a tendency to slow down or even stop using a product when it is about to get used up, which is another reason to place this item in this project, as a way of reminding me that even though I have another product I am using, and even though it is about to get used up, I have to actually use it and get it used up. I am quite repetitive in that last sentence but I hope that got my point across. Hopefully I can get this done in one to two updates.

2. KJMCosmetics Lip. Cheek. Tint in Fused

Goal: Use 4 times

This is another lip and cheek tint that my brother made me buy. Now that I think about it, he may have been trying to impress someone by doing so, but no matter, I was a little curious about it as well at the time. I don’t think I am quite into these kinds of products, although I may still try other formulas in the future. The thing is, I also have another one of this exact shade from a subscription box. Given that the extra one is the repackaged and ‘fresher’ version, I almost decided to just go ahead and declutter this and put that one in the project instead. However, I think I’ll still use this the 4 additional times, and maybe declutter it by the end of the year. I don’t use this on my lips anymore too, but maybe I’ll try the other one I have on my lips to see how it works during these times where we need to wear a mask.

Project Progress

Status as of this update: 3/6 goals reached

I know that all of my goals reached so far are usage goals, and tiny usage goals at that, but this is progress for me, and so I’ll take it. Even if I just used some of these only four times or so, that is still four times more than I’ve reached for some of this items before this project. Hopefully I can have more goals reached by next update, but I’ll be happy even with just good progress. I also hope I can upload my update earlier next time.

Do you have any similar projects? How are you doing so far? Any tips for keeping up with a project like this? Do let me know, and see you in my next update!

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