Song & MV Reaction: CLC – Helicopter

As I was browsing on Youtube, this particular release caught my eye. I don’t really follow any groups other than Seventeen, so while I do sometimes have an idea of which groups are having a comeback, I only know because of some update Twitter accounts, and I don’t really keep track, unless they’re promoting at around the same time as Seventeen and I see them mentioned often enough that I remember. That being said, CLC is one group that I do quite like, although I haven’t really checked them out. I did like Yeeun in her recent participation in Mnet’s show Good Girl, and I did get a better appreciation of her rapping and vocals there in the few clips of the show I’ve watched. Thus, having seen that they did release a new song and music video, I decided, hey, I’ve always wanted to post about groups/artists other than Seventeen, so why not make a post on this one?

On that note, let me pull up the music video and write down my thoughts on it as I watch, and after I finish it.

  • “We Won’t Be Lonely At The Top.” – I love seeing this from them right at the start, go girls!
  • I do have quite a fondness for Yeeun’s rap style.
  • Oh yeah I almost forgot Sorn was in this group, I do like Sorn a lot.
  • I like the shouting in the background I think at the start of the chorus, I do like those touches that make songs sound quite anthem-y.
  • I am not familiar with who belted that high note near the end, but she did a great job, I liked it.

I ended up not having too much notes while watching the music video because things intervened while I was watching (aka delivery people, then dinner, etc.) but I do have some thoughts after watching it around one and a half times (?) because I started again from the beginning when I got back to watching it.

Anyway, sorry if I almost forgot about Sorn, but I was actually thinking about her days prior to this and she was one of the reasons I do keep an eye out for this group. I liked watching her vlogs, I think I especially enjoyed the episode she did with Jae of DAY6, although I’m not sure whose vlog that was, since it was a while back. Going back to the music video and the song, I did enjoy it, but it made me look back at the CLC songs that I enjoyed, and I think the ones that caught my attention were Hobgoblin and Black Dress. I remember Black Dress being particularly catchy to me, as I did like hearing the song on my Spotify, and that says something for me. With that, I think those two songs had more of a punch for me than this release, but that’s not to say this is a bad song or anything. We shall see if this track grows on me over time. I feel like I wanted to see more of Sorn in this video, but I don’t know if this time they featured other members which didn’t have as much screentime or parts as compared to their previous releases, so I don’t know enough to really comment on that.

I was checking the comments on their music video and someone mentioned No which was also one of CLC’s songs that I liked and I am finding that I did like quite a number of their tracks without realizing it ahaha. All the best to CLC in this comeback, I think they are doing well if I understand correctly, and here’s to seeing and hearing more from them!

Is CLC your favorite artist? What song is your favorite from them? What did you think of this release? Do check them out, and see you in my next song and mv reaction!

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