Down the TBR Hole #3, s. 2020

From what I understand, Down the TBR Hole first started over at Lost in a Story. I came across this series at Zezee with Books. (A little shoutout as well to the Book Dutchesses because that’s where I saw where the series started.)

So, this is how it works:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

I have decided on 10 books per batch.

‘Want to Read’ Shelf from last post: 204

Current ‘Want to Read’ Shelf: 204

I really want to finish a first round through my whole TBR shelf on Goodreads, but I’ve just been so bogged down mentally. I hope this will help too in clearing up my mind. Anyway, let’s get on with it. I think my Want to Read Shelf is now down to seven pages from eight, which is a sign of progress to me. I think only a few books will survive this batch, but let’s see if that is indeed the case.

Note: All images taken from Goodreads, with links in the book titles.

1. First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

I can see why I added this to my TBR list years ago, as it does sound quite fun. However, this is not quite my preference these days, and I am more than okay with letting it go for now.

Decision: LET GO

2. Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott

This is another kind of story that just isn’t my cup of tea at the moment. Thus, I’ll be letting this one go for now.

Decision: LET GO

3. My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

At first glance I thought this would be an easy book to let go of, but this is the second installment to a series, and that gives me pause. I always have that feeling of wanting to finish a series that I started, and I don’t really like to “DNF” series, because in a series, sometimes you strike gold not in the first book, or not even the first few books. That’s what happened to me in one of my favorite book series, so I always get that ‘what if’ feeling. However, after maybe 15 minutes of hemming and hawing on it, I think I’m okay with taking this out of my shelf for now. It’s not like I am never going to allow myself to revisit this, so for the sake of streamlining my TBR shelf, this will do.

Decision: LET GO

4. Forget You by Jennifer Echols

This does have an interesting synopsis to me, these unraveling of characters do get me sometimes. However, I don’t have a copy of this book, I am not sure it is easily accessible to me, and I am not interested enough to really look for it. (Also I am on a book no buy anyway which I shouldn’t forget.) Hence, I shall let this go for now.

Decision: LET GO

5. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

If I understand correctly, this is the last installment in Stephanie Perkin’s Anna and the French Kiss series. I love Anna and the French Kiss, it is safe to say it is one of my favorite YA books, and so even if the second book wasn’t really as good in my opinion, I still want to read this book and finish the series. Hopefully I’ll get another cameo of Anna and Étienne in this one!

Decision: KEEP

6. My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

I thought this would be something I’ll also easily let go of, but I may have a copy of this somewhere, although I may also be wrong. Since this seems to be a lighthearted story with some time travel involved, I don’t mind keeping it in my TBR while I check.

Decision: KEEP

7. The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg

Ok, this one I’m pretty sure I have a copy, and I think I have in fact started reading this, but I just stopped. I don’t think I was enjoying it that much which is why I stopped, but since I have it, I’ll keep this in my list and maybe I can try it again someday.

Decision: KEEP

8. Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams

I didn’t quite get intrigued by the summary upon revisiting it, so this one I am quite happy to let go for now.

Decision: LET GO

9. Touch by Jus Accardo

Why am I intrigued by this? I don’t quite understand, but hey, sometimes I just get pulled in and this means I don’t want to let this go for now. I think it’s because even if the synopsis refers to one character as a “hottie”, it doesn’t appear to be solely focused on a love story or something like that, which is not quite my cup of tea at the moment, for the most part.

Decision: KEEP

10. Firespell by Chloe Neill

I think the part where there is a secret group of teens with magical powers is really interesting to me, and makes me want to keep this book around for a while.

Decision: KEEP

Books remaining in this batch: 5/10

‘Want to Read’ Shelf after this round: 199

Even though I kept more than I thought I would, yay for getting to below 200 books on my TBR shelf! I feel pretty good about this. What do you think of this round? Do you have any favorites in this batch? See you in my next round of Down the TBR Hole!

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