Half-Year Project Pan 2020

We’re done with half of 2020, but I won’t let the year pass without a project pan. Last year I had a project pan and it wasn’t really successful in terms of reaching goals, but as it was my first, I’m not too mad about it. It also helped me to use my collection of makeup and skincare products more, and I even learned how to make some of my products work or work better, especially in conjunction with other stuff I have, so that was an even bigger win for me.

Based on how that project pan went, and considering the madness that 2020 has been so far, I have decided to customize the mechanics for my purposes this year. And given that I’m starting this project pan just like last year, aka halfway into the year, I’m just calling it a Half-Year Project Pan. It’s probably similar to other project pans out there, given that there are a lot of project pans currently happening, and there is a whole community of “project panners” so to speak, but as I didn’t really base this off of anyone’s project and just made it up for myself based on my experience and perceived needs and behavior, I consider this project one I customized for myself.


I had some really customized mechanics set a few months ago, but given the pandemic happening and all that came with it, I didn’t even have any energy to do skincare at some point (I pretty much shut down mentally in a way), so I decided to simplify things. Here’s what I plan to do with this project pan:

  • I have decided on a total of 6 items in play during the course of this project (because, you know, half-year, 6 months, ahaha). This means that, at any given time, there are 6 items and therefore 6 goals that I will be working on.
  • This will be a rolling project. Rolling a product out could be because I have already reached my goal, the product can no longer be used, and other reasons, but it shouldn’t be done on a whim (as much as possible). If I really don’t want an item in the project anymore, I shouldn’t have to force myself, because that’s not what this is about, but it’s not a decision I should be making lightly or else the project might just lose its point too.
  • I will be doing monthly updates. I have also decided not to force myself to have pictures for every update, although to be honest that is more satisfying. Those will be required for the finale, of course. I will also decide whether or not to roll a product out of the project, or modify a goal or some aspect of the project during these updates.
  • I hope to post the finale by January 2021 at the latest (to give myself the rest of 2020 to reach my goals).

Products and Goals

Here are the products I will be working on. Some will have the familiar sounding goal of using the item up, but I will have some items where the goal will be a certain number of uses, which will in itself help me achieve my purpose of using an item more. As I don’t have a big collection, and I am not a heavy user of these products, I think this setup will be good enough for me.

1. Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in shade 01

Goal: Use it up

I was going to include it in my last year’s project pan, with a goal of hitting pan on the powder. However, before I was able to post the intro to that project, I already hit pan, so I decided to let that one go. Now, I think I want to use the powder up since I think it’s my oldest pressed powder and it is quite prone to having hard pan, which can get annoying. Because of the pandemic it now seems like a lofty goal, and there’s a low chance I might declutter this regardless of the result at the end of the year, but we shall see.

2. The Saem Eco Earth Power Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+PA++++

Goal: Use it up

I think it’s time to focus on using this product up, as it has been with me for a while. I wasn’t focusing on this as much because I had a BB cream that had SPF in it in last year’s project, but I think it’s time to shift my focus on this as I want to work on finding a sunscreen that works for my skin type and does not have ingredients that I am supposed to avoid. I was also gifted a new sunscreen by a friend, so that’s another reason to use this one up.

3. Blistex Bliss Flip in Ultra Moisturizing

Goal: Use it up

I think it’s also time to use this up, since I have several open lip balms in my collection at the moment. I used to use this balm quite regularly, but since we went into community quarantine I haven’t really reached for this as much. I honestly think it might take the rest of the year to reach this goal, if I even will, regardless of the COVID-19 situation.

4. Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds

Goal: Use 4 times

I know this goal seems too easy, but believe me, this is something I need to work towards. I haven’t been reaching for this product at all, especially nowadays, so this is a good place to start.

5. KJMCosmetics Lip. Cheek. Tint in Dolled
Goal: Use 4 times

My lip and cheek tints have been in my collection for so long I should be on the lookout for signs that they have gone bad. Before that happens, I want to get as much use as I can out of them. I set the goal as 4 uses because ideally this is what I should be using on the weekends.

6. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

Goal: Use 4 times

This has been in my collection for quite a while before I even opened it, and now that I have opened it, I should definitely use it more. And since this is a product I can use even when I’m just at home, I think I can still include it in the project. I set it at 4 uses because ideally, I should use it once a week.

So, I thought I’d end up not doing a project pan, but here we are. Now that I think about it, since I don’t really have a big collection and in fact I don’t want some of my products to get used up because of the global situation, this is pretty much an expanded Shop My Stash intended to make me use the products I do have, instead of letting them just collect dust in my storage. Do let me know if you have any similar projects you are doing. See you next month for my first update! Wish me luck!

Note: This post was delayed mostly due to the ongoing pandemic, but also because pandemic or not, I also kind of lost the will to do so in a way, and it felt a bit pointless, especially for the makeup items. But maybe doing this will help me get a good routine, and a goal to achieve somewhere. Also, why not?

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