Ahoy, April!

2020 has not let up, personally and globally, and it’s pretty crazy.

To sum up how the year so far looks to me, I live in the Philippines so in January a volcano erupted near my town, which almost ruined a life event for me (that I still haven’t talked about); my significant other suffered a medical emergency around the end of February and going into March; and COVID-19 went into full-blown pandemic and where I live is now under “enhanced community quarantine”, which is a nice way of saying lockdown, and it has been extended up to the end of April.

Yeah, it’s not the prettiest.

Still, we try to carry on normally where we can, and I don’t think I want to talk too much about the pandemic in this particular post. I do try to get some posts out in this situation, and have also been reading just a bit more. And I’ve also been cooking more! This is probably the most consistent I have been in cooking my entire life, and I’ve been learning quite a bit (I’m a useless beginner when I started). Hopefully I can do some more productive things while staying at home.

So, to the point of these monthly posts, here is an update of where I am at with the list of things I wanted to post at the start of the year, with one more post completed. I added an item previously, but now I won’t add anything to the list until I finish off this list first. I don’t want this to be a rolling list for now, since that will make it a bit overwhelming for me (as it will likely never end at that rate, and that sounds exhausting at the moment). Anyway, here they are:

I think I might get around to some more of these posts now that I have a bit of time on my hands, but I also have some other posts I may want to do. No pressure, well, maybe just a little pressure.

How have you been so far? Have you been able to blog more or do other things you’ve wanted to do? Please stay safe, wash your hands, keep safe distance, and be as healthy as you can during these times! I hope next time I come with this monthly post it will be under better circumstances.

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