Song & MV Reaction: Seventeen –舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin’ Flower)

This isn’t a first impression kind of reaction, since I’ve heard the song weeks ago and have seen the music video ever since it was released last week, if I remember correctly. I might have mentioned this before, but promotions of Japanese releases tend to be slightly different from those of Korean releases, in that music videos and even the song to be released are played earlier than the release date. This is because the music video and the song tend to be part of the promotions itself to entice people to buy the single or album, which does make sense. I think even here in the Philippines it’s a bit similar in how they view music videos (as promotion). In Korea, it tends to be part of the “comeback” so they’re pretty much released at the same time.

Anyway, I’ve rambled quite a bit already, but without giving any helpful context other than the title of this post. I’ll be talking about 舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin’ Flower), which is the second Japanese single of Seventeen. This was released last April 1st, 2020, which kind of confused Carats for a moment, because is this an April Fool’s joke? Apparently not. Also, spoiler alert, the video is very pretty. I haven’t watched the music video in quite a few days, so I’ll be watching it again, maybe a little more closely, it depends, and will be sharing some of my thoughts on the song and the music video.

Please watch the video on their channel as well and listen to the songs included in the single on Spotify!

I remember when I shared this music video to some friends, I told them to watch this if they wanted to see some “aesthetic dancing” hahaha. The music video was definitely beautiful and visually pleasing. I could also tell that Seventeen really has improved in their acting, as the solo scenes where the members had to be expressive were really well-executed. Jun was amazing in his performance while suspended in the air, and I wished there was more of that. I also wanted to see more of The8 and Hoshi’s scene where they were dancing in chains, it really looked like a beautiful dance duet. I remember seeing that in the teaser and wanting to see the full performance clip of that, since it might have just been made for the video. I’m not sure if it was at the part where the choreography made it look as if Jun bloomed from what seemed like a flower formation, since that was such a beautiful choreography and amazing visually, but I definitely went “oh sh*t ang ganda (oh sh*t it’s so beautiful)” during the song. I also enjoyed some effects they did to make it seem like Seventeen was dancing within the viewer of that 3D viewer thing (I don’t know what it’s called, sorry, please let me know).

With respect to the song, I thought Jun had some falsetto parts but I guess it was all Jeonghan? Still, it was really nice to listen to, and DK’s prechorus was also really nice. I love the use of piano in the song, and how the same pattern of notes was used throughout the song, even though it’s just in the background, only lightly heard, at some points. I really love Seventeen’s Japanese releases, and this is no exception. I was even enjoying the music more than the video and really bopping to the beat at some point while watching. The music and the video, with what choreography I saw really tied in well together and gave me the feeling and visualization of falling flowers and spring. I love it when Seventeen songs give me such a strong visual or aesthetic and feeling to attach to their song, like it really has its own signature.

Because I’m a little greedy, and this one I haven’t watched yet, I’ve decided to also watch the choreography video of the song, which was released on April 3, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Welcome back, S.Coups! I was really wondering if it will be him in the choreography video since someone else stood in for him during the dance parts in the music video, so it was nice to confirm that this time it is really him, and he’s truly back.
  • Sorry, apparently Joshua also had some falsetto parts (by that I mean the “watashi wa hana” parts).
  • I love how they really make use of their numbers to create visual pictures of the song. It’s not just a dance, they really are painting a picture of their song.
  • They also take advantage of being a big group in that they know even small movements, compounded with the number of members they have, can have an impact. This makes their dance look simple, when you break it down into moves (I can’t say for sure since I’m not a dancer, the steps could still be difficult), but taken in total it creates great impact, and also makes it so that everyone has to be precise to create the effect they want.
  • Vernon’s expressions during his part in the first half of the song was really good, he really took a deep breath and closed his eyes even if it was just the choreography video, it was nice to see.
  • I’ll be honest, the part where Jun had a sort of a cappella part, where I mentioned that he looked like he “bloomed” out of the formation, had more impact in the music video, I guess because it was coupled with video and more sound effects, but I still like the effect it has even just in the choreography. I also love that he had that part, it was still beautiful.
  • I love this choreography so much. Well, when did I not enjoy a Seventeen choreography?

This has turned out to be quite a lengthy post. When was I not chatty here? Before I forget, this Japanese single also has the Japanese versions of Smile Flower and Good to Me, if I am not mistaken about the latter song. So far the reactions to these that I have seen have been pretty interesting, so I might dedicate another post to listening to all the songs in the single, even though these two additions aren’t really new.

Was my reaction more coherent this time? Have you checked out Seventeen’s latest release? Please check it out if you haven’t done so!

P.S. I believe I will be able to post this on Mingyu’s birthday, so happy birthday Kim Mingyu!

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