[Rolling] Project Pan 2019: 9 in 2019 – Finale

The year 2020 has arrived, and with its coming, marked the end of my 2019 Project Pan. I’ve said that my January is packed, which is why this post has only come at this time. I was also only able to take pictures on January 25 for most of the items with a finale update, and on February 8 for the concealer and the lip gloss, so that’s the marking point for these items. I’ll share my thoughts about the project overall at the end as I might ramble and get repetitive, so let’s go straight to the updates first. Here is the intro post for this project and my first update if you wanna see my tiny project pan journey. I only started in the middle of 2019, so this is not a full year project pan in terms of my posting, although I did have these products in my head already even before I posted.


I used up the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Revitalising Cream Cleanser, which gives me a 1/9 in terms of goals reached as of the last update.

Finale Updates

1. Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Balm

As I mentioned in the update, this product was already past its expiration date. I was still trying to use it back then, but since I got another product for the purpose I was using this balm, I’ve pretty much stopped using the balm in any way, not even on my hands and feet. And when I remembered to try and use this product, it smelled off, the texture was weird, and I realized that it had gone bad already. I didn’t use up much more of the product from the previous update, but since it went bad I stopped using it and will now have to toss this product into the trash. I was glad to have put it in this project though, because I do think I was able to get good use out of it, and have gotten my money’s worth.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25 Medium

I still used this after my last update, but not as much. There isn’t any specific reason, I think, but that’s what happened and while I made some progress, I did not use it up. I think I’ll roll this over to my 2020 project pan, but I will allow myself to get another concealer from here on. I think even at this point, I already did a good job of using this product more, as it was just sitting in my storage at some point.

3. Essence Lip Gloss in 35 Life is Sweet

I also made some progress in this lip gloss, which I am glad for. In the process, I was also able to start using my other lip gloss, which was also getting old. I count that as a success. However, when I checked this product before I took my finale photo, I noticed it was separating in a weird way. Since this is already pretty old, I am no longer comfortable just mixing it up again and using it on my lips. Thus, I will be throwing this it into my trash. However, I am glad that I was able to use this before it turned bad. Before this project, I was totally neglecting it, and by doing this project I think I somewhat got my money’s worth, since this is a pretty inexpensive product. I was also glad that I put this into this project pan since it made me learn different ways I can use lip gloss, especially along with my other lip products, which meant that I ended up using those other lip products I have as well.

4. Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds

I didn’t use this a lot after the last update, maybe just one or two times, especially when I felt like there’s some sort of gunk buildup on my lips due to liquid lipstick or lip gloss. Thus, this is how the lip scrub looks now. I didn’t reach my goal on this, and this will probably roll over to this year’s project pan. I won’t buy a new lip scrub until I finish this, but as I mentioned in my update post, I won’t be repurchasing this particular lip scrub.

5. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I really did stop using this, maybe because I don’t have any backup primer yet and I didn’t want to run out of primer in case I had an event to go to. I was also able to put product on top of my sunscreen without as much issue nowadays so I also got kind of lazy to do this extra step in my makeup routine. But while this last stretch wasn’t really any progress, I am very pleased with my overall progress in using this product. I already have a primer I want to try and once my budget and schedule allows, I will purchase that and use it while I still have this Maybelline one so I can compare. This was another product that I was not using at all before this project (maybe just once then forgot about it), so I’m really happy I did this project with this product in it.

6. Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm SPF 32 / PA++

I also did not use much of this BB cream after the last update, as I think I got into a phase where I enjoyed putting sunscreen then powder over it and skipping BB cream or liquid foundation. I’m also happy that I was able to use up much of this product, even though I didn’t use it up by the end of the project. I don’t think I’ll roll this product in to this year’s project pan, since at this point I’m still using it but am already on the lookout for signs that it has turned bad. Now, instead of focusing on just this BB cream, I will rotate my foundation (and similar) products more frequently, to get more use out of the other ones I have.

7 – 8. Bio Marine by SeaofSpa Labs Delicage Peeling Mask and Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

There is no point saying much about these masks; these are the products I really consider as failures in terms of this project pan. Even though I didn’t hit my goal in the other products, I still felt good about those because I was at least able to use them more, and that is the main goal of my project pan overall. That wasn’t achieved in the case of these two products. I don’t think I used them at all between the first update and this finale post. I’ll include these two in this year’s project pan, if they’re still okay, but I have different mechanics in mind for this year, so hopefully that will be more effective in making me use these products.

9. NLighten Eye Gel

This is the product I rolled in last update, and I wasn’t able to achieve my goal which was to use this up. I try not to use too much eye cream/gel since I think that makes me have milia, so even though I did use this product from time to time, I used it sparingly. I was able to make significant progress, though, and it wasn’t forgotten in my storage, so that’s a win for me. I’m not yet sure if I’ll include this in this year’s project pan, but I’ll start to rotate this with the eye cream sample I also have in my collection.

Strictly speaking, I only reached one goal, so there was definitely no 9 in 2019 in that sense. However, overall, I think I was able to achieve the main purpose and intent of this project: to use the products that I have, or use them more often. I do not have a lot of products in my collection that I really need to use up what I have, and that does not make sense to me financially to be honest, but not using what I have at all is just as bad, and I was able to combat that somewhat. And since this is also the first time I tried such a project, and I think I formally started this project only halfway through 2019, I have positive feelings gained from this. I have a different vision for what my project pan will be this 2020, and it will be more personalized for my situation and needs, and I am a bit excited for that. I hope I will get more success out of this year’s project pan. To start, I hope I can upload the intro post for that soonest.

Did you have any project pan last year? How did it go? Do you intend to have one this year? Do let me know, and see you in my next post!

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