(Slightly Unfortunate) Colourpop Haul

One late night, extending to an early morning at work, I kept myself entertained and holding on while working by browsing the Colourpop website. I was really stressed at the time, and that of course makes me vulnerable to spending, but the truth is I’ve just been looking for a reason to try shopping Colourpop on their website. And in the end, it wasn’t me being stressed at work that did me in, it was the sitewide sale that they happened to be having at the time. Let’s say I was already vulnerable due to the time of night it was, my lack of sleep, and longtime curiosity and desire to try purchasing Colourpop stuff, but even with all that I wouldn’t have given in were it not for the sale because I don’t live in the United States, so for free international shipping I need to hit $50 and it wouldn’t have felt worth it if it weren’t for the sale. All the other things just made me just a tad more reckless.

I wouldn’t even call this a completely reckless purchase, because the main item I bought was something that has been on my mind for probably a year? I also watched Kathleenlights’ Colourpop recommendations video first, so I wasn’t too blind going in. But this was definitely some sort of random splurge, and not too necessary for me to make. And that’s where my stress came in, I guess.

Anyway, I didn’t buy too much, I guess, depending on how you look at it. I did buy enough to get to free shipping, though. That’s why it depends on how you look at it. But why did I call it slightly unfortunate?

The Experience

Placing the order was easy enough, and I think I used my Paypal just to be on the safer side. The thing with having Colourpop ship items to the Philippines, where I am based, means that it won’t be delivered to my doorstep. I knew this from the start, since I did research on how the process is (I told you this is not as reckless as it seems!). So I knew that it will take weeks before the shipment got here, and then I will not be receiving the items immediately, but a slip which will let me pick up the item at the postal office nearest me. This part I did know but kind of forgot when I was entering the delivery address in the website, which did affect my experience in a way. I entered my office address, because it’s easier for me to receive packages there, but again I forgot that I won’t even be receiving the package since I’ll have to pick it up.

Because I’m not in the US, the tracker Colourpop provided only worked until the package arrived in the Philippines from the US. But then I think it still has to go through customs, and then be shipped to the proper post office, and it was this part where I have no way to track the progress or location of my package. I can only really wait and check online to see how long is an acceptable time to wait and when is the right time to be worried. The sort of slip in memory I mentioned earlier came into play during this time. I couldn’t really nag too much at my office to check whether the note has arrived, because well, it’s not an official package that they really had to track. Had I just entered my home address, I would have been able to just check my mailbox and be sure that there really was nothing yet. In the office, I was a bit anxious that it got lost in the routing, or some other thing. So that’s how I got affected, and it wasn’t a really big thing, but it just made it a less comfortable wait.

I think I waited for more than a month, and was finally starting to check if and how I can inquire with the post office before I email Colourpop that my order hasn’t arrived yet, when finally the note from the post office came. I was able to ask someone to have it picked up for me because I was starting to become sick at the time so there really was no time and I was in no shape to go to the post office. Finally, around a month and a half later, I had my package.

The Haul

Now we’re at the part which you as a reader is probably most interested in. And I hate to say this, but this is probably a very boring haul. As this is my first time ordering from Colourpop, let’s say my choices were…safe. Classics, perhaps. These are not my first Colourpop items ever, because I asked a friend to buy some stuff for me before, but that was more of an impulse choice under time pressure because I just really wanted to try the brand. This is the first order I placed myself, and I did put some thought into it. And by some thought, it was one palette I really wanted plus stuff I chose from Kathleenlights’ recommendations, and which are mostly classic Colourpop items at this point. I’m not even embarrassed, why would I buy totally random stuff on my first purchase? I’ll go with tried and tested, for sure! Well, for the most part. Also, as I share what I purchased, we’ll finally get to why this haul is slightly unfortunate.

This was fun to unbox for the most part, not gonna lie.


Ever since Kathleenlights revealed her Dream St. palette, I’ve had my eye on it. After a lot of thought, I did decide that it was one palette I could have and be content with. I already have a few other small palettes, and as I’m not really into eye shadow, after buying this I won’t really feel inclined to buy more unless I get better at applying eye shadow. I feel like this has enough pops of color for me to play and learn with.

I also bought some super shock shadows because I was told these can be “one and done” shades, and that sounds perfect for me. However, we have finally arrived at the slightly unfortunate part because my super shock shadows came in less than stellar conditions. One of the shades (Frog) was shattered and looked pretty shriveled up in the container, while the other (Weenie) looked a bit dried up as well. A part of me is suspicious that someone threw sub-par items in my box because it was international and I can’t really do anything about it (it’s not worth the hassle). A bigger part of me thinks that it’s probably due to the shipping process, and the time it was held in customs. I don’t know under what conditions the packages were stored, and that could have affected the products during that time.

A bit of a bummer, but it is what it is. Glad these were on sale.

Lastly, I bought a nude crème gel liner (in HoneyDude), because why not? I’m thinking if the formula is as good as they say, this might help me get better at applying eyeliner.


I just bought a blush from Kathleenlights’ collaboration (I Need Space), which is unsurprising because it was her recommendations video I watched, and a cheek compact to pop the pan in. I haven’t tried this yet but upon looking at it I think it is different from my current blushes which is a good thing.


This was where I felt I could choose a lot, since I’m more inclined to rotate through lipsticks unlike eye shadows which I don’t really wear on a normal day. I was curious about their classic lippie stix formula, so I got Aquarius and Lumière (yeah, yeah, Kathleen, it’s all Kathleen, but these seemed to be well liked shades by other people). This was also the reason I’m a little suspicious about the super shock shadows, because I did get an extra Lumière, and while it could be a lucky (for me), mistake (although I’m not sure about that because I don’t really need an extra one), I can’t help but feel like someone threw that in as compensation for my shattered super shock shadows. But I’m not about to ask, I’ll just charge it to experience.

I was also curious about their more recent lip product formulas, so I got a lux lipstick, of course from Kathleen’s collaboration, in What’s Your Sign? (I also wanted to try that kind of light nude so it worked out), and their ultra blotted lip in Doozy. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the ultra blotted formula, but I’m pretty sure their ultra matte and ultra satin tend to be too drying for my liking, while the ultra glossy is a bit too sticky (I have one of each of those), so the ultra blotted is the only liquid lipstick formula I was willing to try. I haven’t opened it yet, and am a bit wary of how it looks in the tube, but hopefully it’s alright.

I think I’ve satisfied my itch to try Colourpop, and despite the slight issues, am still pretty ok with it all as of now. I’m really glad I got the Dream St. palette because I can look up a number of tutorials on it, and so far I’ve tried the Aquarius lippie stix and I have no problems so far. It will probably be a while before I place another order, for now I’ll enjoy the products I have. What do you think of the products I bought? Did you make a recent Colourpop purchase?

2 thoughts on “(Slightly Unfortunate) Colourpop Haul

  1. Loved your choices! I love Kathleen Lights’ collabs with ColourPop. The colors she chooses are all so versatile. My all time favorite from ColourPop is Lumiere. It’s actually the shade that introduced me to ColourPop. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! Her collabs always seem to have a lot of thought put into them, and Kathleen is proving to be really amazing at color selection (with her collabs and nail polishes). Glad to hear that about Lumiere! I’ll probably try it a few weeks from now since I rotate lippies, but I might try it earlier if I get too impatient! :))

      Liked by 1 person

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