[Rolling] Project Pan 2019: 9 in 2019 – Update 1

First off, I know that I said I’ll be posting my First Listen to Seventeen’s latest full album. However, life got in the way again, and part of it was me having a really full load at work, to the point where I was working day and night such that time pretty much got distorted for me. So I am still correcting my body clock from that, and while I have most of my thoughts down for that post, I just have to finish that one up first before I post it. But it will still be coming, I like that album too much to just suddenly drop it.

Secondly, this has been on my mind for possibly a longer time than my First Listen post, and I suddenly found the mood to do an update, so I am taking advantage of that and finally doing this update. I probably will not be posting anything more until the finale of this project, unless by some miracle I finish up a product during that time, but even then, I may just save up everything for the finale regardless.

Anyway, on to the updates. I do have some updates although, unsurprisingly, I am not really doing a great job at this project. I do get into funky moods, whether it be on reading, or skincare, or makeup, where I just lose the will to do anything. I am in a bit of a funk in reading as I have no finished books as of late, and I did get into one for skincare and makeup, especially during my busiest days, where I just have no time, but more often than not I just end up not having the energy or the will to do things related to those.

Used Up

I did finish one product, and as I predicted, expected, and am supposed to, I used up my Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Revitalising Cream Cleanser. I finished it last August 12, and ever since then, I have been thinking of posting an update to show you what product I rolled in to replace it, but here we are. I have been working on the product that I have included in the project to replace it, and will show it at the end of this post. I am glad to have finished this, and was surprised that it lasted more than I thought it would. I did try to use up as much as I can, I didn’t just consider it done immediately at the first sign of it being used up, and instead really squeezed as much out of it as I can. At some point there really was nothing left, so I finally considered it done. I don’t think I’ll purchase it (this one was a gift), since I am not comfortable with the exfoliating bits I feel when I use it, and have decided to be very picky with my skincare, considering my seborrheic dermatitis.

Progress (From significant to none)

1. Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Balm

To be honest, this is past its expiration date. Because of this, I don’t use it on my face anymore. I have already purchased a different product to address my more problematic areas on my face, which I might talk about someday. This doesn’t smell funky or anything yet, though, so I’m still trying to use as much of it as I can, but now only on itchy spots, as when my hands, feet, or legs get irritated by something. It still helps to calm my skin down. I can only show progress in the travel bottle I’ve been using, but I have also been using the product in its original tube, which I keep beside my bed for when I need to soothe my skin right before I go to sleep. I still hope to use it up, but regardless of where I end up with this, I will definitely be decluttering this by the end of the year.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25 Medium

I actually used this quite a bit, I’m pretty surprised at myself. I went through a phase of using it frequently (by my standards), and I even brought it with me when I traveled, and used it during my trip! Even though I don’t keep this in my kikay kit anymore because it tends to get messy, I was still able to have some progress on this and that pleases me a lot.

3. Essence Lip Gloss in 35 Life is Sweet

I was definitely correct in not setting my goal for this as use up. Even my current goal, which is to use up half from where I started, seems to be unattainable at this point. I did make an effort to use it more, even putting it in my kikay kit to get more use out of it. I also found a way to use it, which is by pairing it with my pink lip liner. I was really happy to discover that, as it also helped me to use my lip liner as well, since I was also kind of neglecting it a bit. I’ll try to use this gloss some more, and hopefully I’ll at least get some more progress in by the end of this project.

4. Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds

I also made progress here, you can tell based on the pictures that I did work a bit on the outer portion of the product, and now you can see more space at the edges than before. I was able to use this for a while, but then stopped for some reason, and I do need to incorporate it again in my skincare routine when I do get around to it, because I think I have a chance of finishing this up by the end of the year. I think I realized that this has walnut shell powder in it, and that makes me hesitant to use it, but I want to finish it up before using something else. That does mean I will not be repurchasing this, even though it is a really affordable lip scrub.

5. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I wasn’t going to post a picture of this in my update because I really couldn’t tell my progress on it, but I did notice when I checked my intro picture that the tube does look a little more flat now. I think that’s enough to show progress, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself on this one too, I’ve been using this very often at some point, and now I need to squeeze harder to get product out of the tube. I use it under my base products, and I discovered that I like putting this on after using my the Saem sunscreen and before using powder on it. It makes application of the powder go more smoothly, and that has helped me use this product a lot, as I can use it whether I use a foundation, a BB cream, or just sunscreen. I think there’s a chance I can use this up by the end of this project, if I go back to consistently using it. I noticed I’ve been pulling back on it a bit, perhaps because I don’t know what to use once I finish it up.

6. Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm SPF 32 / PA++

Now this one I won’t even bother to take an update picture for, as it doesn’t show any progress at all. However, I did have some progress on this, I was able to use it consistently for a while, and this was by reminding myself that this has SPF so it’s a good one and done deal. I know it’s best to still use a dedicated sunscreen product, but honestly knowing me, this is better than the alternative which is most likely me not putting anything on at all just because of the effort it seems to require. I am not confident I’ll be able to use it up by the end of the year, since I only use a small amount for my entire face and neck, but I do think I’ll be able to use it enough that I’ll be able to let this go by the end of this project without feeling that I haven’t used it enough (since it’s expiring this year).

7. Bio Marine by SeaofSpa Labs Delicage Peeling Mask

We have now come to what I have dubbed as my fails so far, and I am talking about the two face masks I included in this project. This one I think I used once after my introduction post, which is why I’m posting an update picture, since there is a bit of something to update on. These masks just tend to be so messy, and I don’t have a good space in my apartment where I can use these without being stressed out by the mess, so I just tend to shy away from using them.

8. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I was going to take a picture of this one but then I realized that it was just looking the same as in my introduction post so there was no point. I think this is an even messier mask than the previous one, so I just don’t find myself in any mood to use them. It just tends to be this whole production when I decide to mask, since I have to clear a space so I can use the masks without being too messy, I have to heat up water since I don’t have that kind of plumbing here, and all that jazz. It’s just too much for my brain to handle at the moment. I’ll try, but honestly, I can’t really promise anything at this point.

Rolling In…

Despite the very slow project this is, I did finish one product, and I have been working on the product I decided to include in the project as replacement. This is the NLighten Eye Gel, and while it’s not about to expire anytime soon, I feel like I’m close to using it up, so I want to power through and finish it. I also go through phases where I skip eye gel / cream in my skincare routine, so this will hopefully stop me from skipping it because if I do that a lot the expiry date will creep up on me and then I’ll be rushing to finish this. I also dip my finger in this tiny tub so that’s another reason for me to finish it sooner than later. I think it’s possible to finish this by the end of the year, if I don’t forget to: one, do my skincare routine, and two, do this step in my skincare routine when I get to it.

So there we have some progress in this project pan. One of the things I enjoy in watching and seeing project pan videos and posts is the progress during the process, so I am happy to be able to share this from my own project pan. As I’ve mentioned, the next post for this project will probably be the finale, unless I get some good milestones and a good update mindset in. Do you have a project pan going on? How is it so far? I’ll see you in my next project pan post, whether it be a surprise update or the finale!

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