HM Book Review: The Billionaire Prince’s Nanny by Leslie North [ARC]

The Billionaire Prince's Nanny Book Cover
Image Source: Leslie North Books

Disclaimer: A copy of this title was provided to me by NetGalley and Relay Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thus, an honest review this will be. This is a spoiler-free review.

Katie Crestley is in a world of trouble. A blacklisted journalist and desperate for money, Katie takes the only other job she’s remotely qualified for: nanny to the two adopted daughters of the youngest prince of Stolvenia. But just as she’s given up on her dream of becoming a legitimate journalist, the editor of a major Stolvenian newspaper approaches her. With a new anti-royalist movement growing in the small country, getting the dirt on the royal family could lead to big things for Katie’s career. She’s reluctant, but if she’d rather stick to her morals, then the editor will just have to let the royal family know about her scandalous past—ensuring she’ll be fired. With little other choice, Katie caves to the blackmail and agrees to spy on her boss. Problem is, the longer she works for Prince Armin Albericht Von Roth, the more she realizes what a good, selfless man he is. Worse, she’s falling hard for him and knows he’ll never forgive her if he finds out what she’s done… Armin always does what is right and believes everyone else should follow suit. Structure, rules, and protocol are what’s important. So he’s taken aback when he learns his late best friend named him guardian of his two little girls. What does he know about children? He’d thought a nanny would set things straight, but Katie is far too pretty, far too free spirited, far too distracting. She doesn’t follow rules. She doesn’t understand the importance of structure. She’s getting under his skin, disrupting not only his life, but his very thoughts—which seem to be centered more and more on her… But as Armin begins to fall for his daughters’ beautiful nanny, can he forgive her once he finds out what she’s really doing in the palace? Or will it be best for him and his daughters to forget the pretty American who made their lives a little brighter?

NetGalley Description

I think this book was an accidental pick, I was just checking out titles on NetGalley and I clicked this thinking I was just going to read the description but I think I ended up clicking the button indicating I will read the whole thing, so I got a copy. I wasn’t in the mood for this type of novel at that moment, which may have affected my experience in reading the book, but I do think the story was able to overcome my funk somewhat.


As I mentioned, I really wasn’t in the mood for this kind of book during most of the time I was reading this, which might have been part of the reason why I had a bit of a difficult time reading this. I was in a mood where I easily cringe at the usual kinds of writing in romance novels, so I guess my tolerance level for it, which can be high, was pretty low then.

I did feel that how some things got together was too, what is the term, basic? Or maybe abrupt? One thing I like about romance novels is the lead up to when the characters finally get together or collide, in one way or another, maybe some tension, pining, or anything like that. I do like a good build up, is what I am saying, and it fell a bit short to me in this aspect.

One thing I appreciate though, is that this straightforwardness of the story was a positive at the end. Where some romance novels tend to be too dramatic, which would have made me cringe, especially given the funk I was in, this one did not. It was refreshing that when things came to a head, it was done pretty well to me, nothing too dramatic but still with a pretty decent conflict to carry the story through its climax and to the end. I do note that there were some dramatic parts, it wasn’t completely devoid of it, but it was done in a way that it didn’t bother me, which is why even if some parts might have been a bit too much, I was able to take it.


I don’t have any particular regard for the main characters in this story. I don’t know what I have against main characters these days, but I just didn’t connect too much to the couple in focus. I guess this comes with the lack of build up that I felt, as it didn’t give me enough to endear any of them to me. The exception would probably be the girls which Katie was hired to be a nanny for, as they’re quite precious.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend this book? Yes, to a certain extent. It didn’t blow my socks off, but if you want a straightforward, good old romance story, then you might like this.

Rating: 3.5/5.

I do believe this book is out now, so do let me know if you’ve read this and what you think of it! Do you like romance novels? Do you usually connect to main characters, or is that important to your reading experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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