[Rolling] Project Pan 2019: 9 in 2019

I mentioned last time that I might be making this post, as there are products that I would like to use up or use more this year. This will include both skincare and makeup products, and I will be doing the ‘9 in 2019’ Project Pan, which I discovered through Samantha March. It took me a long time to make this post because I wanted to declutter and organize my things first, and after that I discovered that choosing products turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. And then I hit a slump, so this got even more delayed. However, even if I have not yet done this post, I have already been working at my collection so it doesn’t sit unused in my storage.

I didn’t immediately take to the idea of a project pan because, as I may have also mentioned before, I don’t have such a big collection that I need to use up things to be able to use other things, and I feel that there is a danger of using things just for the sake of using them up and buying more new things, which sometimes is not really…financially sound? Or using things in a wasteful manner just to get to that pan. There really is just a tiny danger of falling into that consumerist trap.

However, thinking about it some more, there are some benefits to doing a project pan, even with those concerns. For example, I tend to not use stuff that I have, which is just as bad if you think about it, if not worse, because the product is just wasting away, after I’ve already spent money on it. And a reasonable project pan would help me be mindful of the things I have and the things I need to use more so I can maximize the purchase I made, instead of letting them expire in my cabinet, untouched.

9 in 2019 Project Pan

The products I have included are items that I want to use up or use more often because they are about to go bad or have been in my collection for a long time. These include skincare products that might go bad, so I want to use them up since expired skincare products just spell danger, and some makeup stuff. I’ll try to do updates, but I’m not sure yet on the timeline of when I want to or can post an update, so it will probably just be whenever I feel there’s a significant development, but definitely at the end of year I’ll wrap this up. I’m also not sure how to go about making updates too especially since it’s difficult for me to gauge the amount of products I have in some of the items, but I’ll think of some way or at the very least talk about whether or not I used the products frequently. In any case, at the end of the year, the main question for a lot of these items is whether I’ve used them up or not.

At first I didn’t think I can qualify for any existing project pan out there but when I was listing the products for this project, I realized that there is one project pan I can do, and that is 9 in 2019, which I saw over at Samantha March’s channel here. I can’t believe I reached nine products, but I have been ignoring quite a bit of the things I have, so there’s that. I actually exceeded 9 items, but didn’t quite reach 19 (which is another project pan iteration I’ve seen), so I just cut down the list to nine instead of forcing myself to reach 19.

Rolling Project Pan

As mentioned above, I exceeded 9 items but didn’t quite reach 19. So for this project, I decided to settle on 9 items. However, some items I do really want to include, so I decided to make the project a rolling project pan as well, so that I can replace items that I use up or have to remove for one reason or another. This will also give me the encouragement to focus on the project, so I think this is a good direction to take.

Items in the Project

1. Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Revitalising Cream Cleanser 

Goal: Use Up

I have explained why this item sat in my collection for just a tad longer than it should have in this post, but its expiry date is actually within the year so I want to use this up now. I am not as scared of this cleanser now, I like it a bit more now to be honest, so I think I will be able to use this up as long as I don’t forget to wash my face at night, which is when I use it (so far I use a different cleanser in the morning but I may focus on this one at some point). Since I’ve been focusing on this for a while now as I’ve known that I wanted to include this in the project, I think I’m really close to finishing this up, and I hope to do so soon.

2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Goal: Use Up

The expiry date of this mask is also creeping up on me, which was a surprise to me. I totally forgot about this because this got buried within my cabinet, so I have to use it now before it goes completely bad. It’s been hard to use this, though, because I am not good at masking, especially since this is a bit of a hassle for me to use, unlike sheet masks, for example. I even get too lazy for sheet masks so I really have to force myself to get to use this.

3. Bio Marine by SeaofSpa Labs Delicage Peeling Mask

Goal: Use Up

I tried to avoid including more than one product from the same category, but for this one the expiry date is also approaching slowly but surely so I just included it as well. I am thinking I will probably try to alternate these masks when I do use a mask. I will need to try to really get into the habit of masking. Hopefully I’ll get a good groove going and I’ll be able to do it without feeling like it’s taking too much time or effort.

4. Detail Make Over Lip Scrub in Honey Almonds

Goal: Use Up

I don’t think this has gone bad or is near that, but this is a product which I used to dip my finger into and apply on my lips so I want to use this up. I now use a tiny spatula thing to get product out and that has helped. I have also had this for quite some time, and I also want to try new lip scrubs to see if there are better ones out there, as this is my first lip scrub ever, but I don’t want to buy a new one when I still have one in my collection.

5. Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Balm

Goal: Use Up

I have had this for a while, and even though I use this fairly often, the dilemma came in that I only have a specific use for this product, but there is such a large amount of product in the packaging. I know this is supposed to be a good thing, but for my purposes it became a bit of a hindrance. I only use this balm on certain areas on my face as some kind of “spot treatment” for the redness and irritation that comes with my seborrheic dermatitis, so just between my eyebrows, around my nose, and the area under my lips mostly. I didn’t find a smaller tube, however, so I have this really big tube of product and I really hope to use it up this year so it won’t go bad on me.

I transferred some product onto the tiny container you see in the picture so I can take it with me in my kikay kit. This is especially useful if my problem areas flare a bit while I’m out, or if I forget to apply cream before I leave, since it’s not really a good idea to bring the entire tube with me. At this point I think I have most of the product left in my travel container, but I do still have some product left in its actual tube, which I can’t really track unlike the clear plastic packaging.

6. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Goal: Use Up

I bought this when I wanted to try using primers. At first I didn’t really appreciate this, and I thought of it as an extra step, so it usually got ignored. However, I don’t want to waste this product and I have had it for a while, so I want to remember to use it. I have found ways to use it and have seen that it actually does something for me, so hopefully I can reach this goal or at least use a significant amount. But I want to aim high, so I set the goal to using it up. I can’t really tell where I’m currently at with this product, but I do know I have been using it more frequently so hopefully I can get some good results by the end of the year, if not earlier.

7. Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm SPF 32 / PA++

Goal: Use Up

The expiry date for this one is within this year, and so far it’s still okay, so I want to use up as much of it, and hopefully all of it. My last BB cream took a longer time to finish but I don’t want to keep a BB cream too long now as it might irritate my skin and do more bad than good. I don’t know how much I have but I think I’m at least halfway through the tube. I will also monitor this BB cream and if it suddenly performs differently on my skin then I may have to declutter it earlier, but I really want to use it at least until the end of this year.

8. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25 Medium

Goal: Use Up

This is not my shade, apparently. Or it’s not anymore? In any case, I have also had this for a while, and if this is not my shade, I need to get a new one. But I don’t want to waste this, and I can somehow make this work, so I want to use it up before getting another concealer (hopefully in a better shade match).

9. Essence Lip Gloss

Goal: Use half from starting point

I want to aim high and set the goal for this lip gloss to “Use Up”, but I just don’t think it’s realistic. This is because even though I have posted this project introduction so late, I have already started focusing on the products I was thinking of including in the project (even if they did not make it to the final list here), so I already have been keeping in mind which ones are in the project. Despite that fact, I still haven’t really touched this lip gloss even if I knew it’s one product that I definitely will include in the project. This gloss is quite old and might be going bad, so I just want to make the most out of it. This is quite sticky and I haven’t really found a way to make it work for me, so finally and formally including this in the project may help push me to use this before I potentially declutter this at the end of the year. It’s not that expensive but I don’t want to completely throw away the money I spent on this one.

The reason why some products I considered including in the project did not make it to the current list is because their expiry dates are further off or I have been pretty good at using them more regularly. Because of these reasons, the urgency to include them in the project is quite low. For one product in particular, my Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in shade 1, I was going to include it because I wanted to hit pan on it since I could see the outline of the pan at the beginning of the year. However, I already hit pan on it in early February while I was in Tokyo. I almost didn’t want it to happen because I wanted to post about the project first but it still did, and the pan has been expanding so I decided it wasn’t necessary to include it in this first list anymore.

As I said, however, if I get to use up a product before the year ends (it has to be the Olay cleanser at the very least because I really need to use that up soon), I will roll in a new product and it will most likely be one of those that didn’t quite make it to the first list. If I also end up rolling out and decluttering a product for one reason or another, I’ll replace it as well.

This has been a long post already, but I’ll see you in my update, or if not, I’ll see you at the end of the year where I will talk about how I did in this project. Hopefully I can do some updates before the end of the year. Do you have any Project Pan you’re working on? If yes, how has it been so far?

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